PC-Games (.Net, V7)


On this page the games of jk-ware in the version 7 for the .Net framework are made available for download and purchase.

From the .Net-Framework is the Version 4.6.1 necessary, that is installed on all PC's with a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

For the installation on PC's with Windows as operating system, the .msi-File can be used.

The program-files of the .zip-File must be taken for all other operating systems.

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With Color LIFE Sound Theater, Color LIFE Sound can be started multiple times and run simultaneously. 

29.90 *

Color LIFE Sound figures the reproduction behavior of microorganism.

24.90 *

With Perpetuum mobile Theater Perpetuum mobile can be started multiple times and run simultaneously.

24.90 *

Perpetuum mobile realizes in a rotating space dynamically moving, rotating balls. The max. number of balls is 500.

19.90 *

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