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For Visual C#™-developer, we offer with the Projektworkspace for the .Net Framework 4.0 a fundamental basis.

The Projektworkspace contains of 

  • a basis-program produced from a basis-project

  • an application-project, derived from the basis-project, with an example-program

  • a project to the preparation of a cryptographic activation-key

  • a project for an extended license-protection

  • a basis-program for Smart Devices with .Net Compact Framework

  • an application-projectt, derived from the basis-project, for Smart Devices with .Net Compact Framework

For the SmartDevice Projects is Visual Studio 2008 necessary!

New in Version 3.0:


For modern devices (Tablets, Phones) with multicore processors for the final versions. Net (Compact) Framework can be realized with multi-threaded process.


Access to light and acceleration sensors with methods of the Windows API Code Pack in the WAPI_CodePack.cs file.


Nearer information to the Projectworkspace contains the test-handbook in the pdf-format.


The test-package contains the test-handbook, a project-overview in the PowerPoint-format and the from the projects produced applications.


Notice, that all documents of the Projektworkspace are in German language !


Additional product information

Test-version Download
Handbook (zip-file) Download

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