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With the Visual C#™ project solutions for .Net and .Net Framework, jk-ware provides its project basis.

This project base consists of four projects for the developer environment from Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (Community Edition) and forms the basis for developing your own programs.

Both project solutions for .Net and .Net Framework consist of one

  • Basis project, that creates a basis program

  • Application project, derived from the basis project, with an example program

  • Multimedia Theater project to the administration of the started programs

  • Project for creating a cryptographic activation key

A DirectX library is provided for general use in Managed_DirectX.cs for the .Net Framework solution.

For the .Net solution, direct 3D sound is realized with SharpDX.XAudio2 in Sharp_DirectX.cs.

Access to light and acceleration sensors is made possible with methods of the Windows Universal Platform in UWP_Devices.cs.

New from Version 5.0:

  • Adaptations for running under .Net in all projects

  • the sample program draws geometric figures in a space size that is independent of the form

  • the call frequency of the example program can be influenced via a spin button on the program dialog page

The test package with the test manual, a project diagram in PowerPoint™ format and the applications created from both solutions contains more detailed information on the jk-ware project solutions.

Notice, that all documents of the jk-ware project solutions are in German language! 


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