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We create Videogames and development software for Windows™ since 1992.

All video games are simple to serve in its course and consequently interesting for young and old. From all programs are free test-versions to the disposal.

Please take pleasure also in our further web-sides:

  • On the product-sides are free test-versions to the disposal beforehand.  

  • In our magazine judges we self-critical and entertaining all products (only on the German web).  

  • For software-developers and such that it wants to become, is our development-side commendable.  

  • Sub point "Contact" passes the possibility to become an affiliate of jk-ware and to get links on PAD-files with the product-descriptions

  • Our Affiliate-Shop offers a multiplicity of further purchase-possibilities and Software-Downloads.

Address jk-ware

Dipl.-Ing. R. Jakob

Kuhstr. 1

37627 Stadtoldendorf

Phone 05532 509386
Geschäftsführer Reinhard Jakob